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Comforter, comforter personalized, baby gifts, birth, baby, comforter personalized, cuddly toy personalized

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Personalized comfort blanket "Bear, Fox or Giraffe" embroidered with name - A cuddly companion for sweet dreams 
A magical gift full of security and personality: our comfort blanket will quickly become your baby's favorite companion. With a belly made of extra-soft fleece and a back made of fine terry cloth, it offers endless cuddling fun.
Thanks to a practical loop, the cloth can be easily attached to the pacifier, while the knotted feet invite you to grab and chew. Personalization with your child's name makes each comfort blanket unique.
 Product details:
• Material: 100% cotton with Organic Cotton certificate.
• Size: Measuring 5cm wide and 29cm long, it's the perfect size for cuddling.
• Weight: Only 42 grams, light and gentle for the little ones.
• Care: You can wash the comforter (including the embroidered version) on a gentle cycle. Please do not put it in the dryer.
Personalization through embroidery – a sign of durability:
By embroidering your desired name on the comforter, we give each of our baby comforters a unique character.
This finishing method not only offers lasting beauty and a high-quality appearance, but also ensures skin-friendliness and a robust texture for daily use and regular washing.
Another key advantage of embroidery is its safety. The embroidery is firmly anchored in the fabric and there are no loose parts that could be put in the mouth by your baby.
This careful workmanship ensures that no irritating residue is left on your baby's delicate skin and makes our comfort blanket a safe and loving companion for your little treasure.
Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa questions answered:
Mommy: “Is the security blanket safe for my newborn?”
Us: Absolutely! It is made of 100% organic cotton, lightweight and with no small parts to detach, making it completely safe for your baby.
Daddy: “Will my baby love the security blanket?”
Us: Sure, daddy! The soft materials and soothing texture of the knots are specifically designed to promote gripping and chewing fun and to provide security.
Grandma: “Can the embroidery stand up to regular washing?”
Us: Yes, grandma! Our high-quality embroidery is particularly durable and remains beautiful and clear even after many washes.
Grandpa: “Is the cloth practical for on the go?”
Us: Absolutely, Grandpa! Thanks to its light and compact size, it is the perfect companion for on the go and ensures cozy comfort everywhere.
Ideal for many occasions: whether for a birth, a christening or as a loving gift in between - this comforter is a gesture that comes from the heart.